Gaggiano (Mi)




Project of a luxury villa (600 sqm) in the outskirts of Milan. Special request of the customer was to make lighter the housing complex, but without altering the geometries so familiar to the owners. Voice carrier of the project is the desire to cancel the spatiality between interior building and garden. For this reason Isacco Brioschi Architects has carried out a customised project, which comes in tailored elements such as frames, designed jointly with the supplier, and the windows with special reflective glass.
The harmony created with the windows frames cancels the divisions and creates a game with the surrounding garden, that imprison its image inside the frames, designing a conceptual greenhouses. Thus it dissolves the spatiality between inside and outside and the house is projected from inside to outside or vice versa.

The dialogue with nature continues inside, with the use of natural materials like wood or cement pastes. The Studio was involved in the design of the entire building envelope and the interior design.
Special details: doors, windows, lights and specially designed furniture.