The line is a tool used in most visual, pictorial or architectural works. It allows us to summarise, in terms of reading, a combination key elements to understand the nature of the work. In this project I have identified lines as a key to understanding the cognitive space of the location.
Architecture returns to be synthesized in the trait that it generates, where the line confers a cognitive order to any element (as in the aboriginal graphic, the straight line represents the path).

The artworks in this project coexist as absolute protagonists, rearranged and highlighted by a containment line whose metaphor is the frame on a larger scale. It rearranges and redesigns the space, to make it harmonious and essential. Special note for these lines that were customised with metal profiles built in place, so as to be able to follow the architectural evolution of the interior design.

Special Features

The mirrored doors are shaped mirrors applied on the door. This feature gives the illusion that the door remains open even when closed, playing with a fake violated privacy, a promise from the host of conviviality and privacy. The mirror is about seeing with thinking.
The master bedroom: in the counter ceilings of the room the perimeter sides of the breakthroughs are painted with 4 different colours. Thus, by changing the position of the observer who observes them, the chromatic and perspective combinations of the ceiling also changes.
The attic: Using an innovative product the cover has been opened with vertical and horizontal frames joined on the cusp. This allows a view on the city both classical and zenithal.