Cemento 3D is a collection of three-dimensional forms assembled to create different and modular surfaces. Launched in 2015 during an event in Brera district, it is designed by Isacco Brioschi for HDsurface, who invented the first and only resin comprised of a consistent part of concrete. Through an innovative revisiting, the cement obtains a vintage touch acting as a decorative element.

Cemento 3D is a customizable material which can be modified at pleasure, in order to perfectly define the surrounding space. This product is made from natural elements such as environmentally friendly cement, water, soil and colored pigments.
It represents a collection of modular elements, three-dimensional shapes which combine in various compositions to decorate house walls, showrooms and any other kind of venue. It can be considered a new option for décor design in a new yet vintage look.
An innovative, personalisable covering system connected to the foundation for a new way of building and inhabiting spaces, adding to their beauty and prestige and making them “three-dimensional”.